Urgent Updates | June 18, 2021

SOME REASSURANCE ON MACROLIDES, OPIOIDS IN PREGNANCY— BUT NOT DEVOID OF FETAL RISK.Observational studies demonstrated that mothers who used macrolides or prescription opioids in early pregnancy did not seem to have an increased risk of birth defects. The results of this study contradict those of a cohort study published last year, which found a 55%

Urgent Updates | June 11, 2021

FOR OUTPATIENT DIVERTICULITIS, AMOXICILLIN–CLAVULANATE PREFERABLE TO METRONIDAZOLE PLUS FLUOROQUINOLONE?In an observational study, researchers analyze the effectiveness and harms of metronidazole-with-fluoroquinolone versus amoxicillin–clavulanate for outpatient diverticulitis. There were no differences in 1-year admission risk, 1-year urgent surgery risk, 3-year elective surgery risk between groups. Authors conclude that treating diverticulitis in the outpatient setting with amoxicillin–clavulanate may

Urgent Updates | June 2, 2021

EFFECT OF ORAL MOXIFLOXACIN VS INTRAVENOUS ERTAPENEM PLUS ORAL LEVOFLOXACIN FOR TREATMENT OF UNCOMPLICATED ACUTE APPENDICITIS A multicenter randomized clinical trial analyzed the effects of moxifloxacin vs ertapenem in 583 adults with uncomplicated acute appendicitis. Patients were treated with either 7 days of oral moxifloxacin or 2 days intravenous ertapenem followed by 5 days of