Urgent Caring Archives

2021 Urgent Caring Newsletters

  • February – COVID Update, Neonates Born to COVID-19 Mothers, Tricks of the Trade: The Ruptured Globe, Global Emerging of SARS-COV-2 Variants, Free CME
  • March – Advanced Training in Urgent Care, CUCM Listserv Update, Dermatology Challenge: The Burn That’s Getting Bigger, Free CME
  • May – COVID Vaccination Update, Use of Antibiotics, Abnormal Vital Signs Policy, Best Practices – Diagnosis and Treatment of Influenza, Free CME

2020 Urgent Caring Newsletters

  • December – Accomplishments of the COVID Taskforce, Let’s Not Forget Measles, Pearls from a Practicing Pediatrician – “Influenza 2020 and Children – Latest Recommendations and a Look Back at 2019”, COVID-19 and Aberrancies of Smell and Taste, Allergic Reactions, and of course, Free CME
  • October – COVID in Children Potpourri – Latest Information on Impact, Ages and Vaccine Trials; Lower Extremity Rash; Immersion Injuries; Free CME
  • September – Surviving Fall and Winter; Breast Mass in Male; Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) – Will 2020 Be a Peak Year for This Disease?; Free CME
  • August – Fall is coming, Breast Fat Necrosis, Ambulatory Clinic COVID Testing update, ABS Champion, Free CME
  • July – UC as a Specialty, COVID-19 Town Hall, 5th metacarpal base avulsion fracture, COVID-19 & MIS-C, ABS Champion, Free CME
  • June – Asian tick, Return-to-play for competitive athletes/active persons following COVID infection, Penicillin allergy, Free CME
  • May – Finger lacerations, Reopening, COVID-19 testing, SARS-CoV-2 and loss of taste/smell, Free CME
  • April – Joint statement w/ACEP, COVID-19 Peds updates, Leg injury, COVID-19 clinical pearls, Shoulder dislocation, Free CME
  • March – COVID-19 (Myths, Listserv, Medication clinical trial, Info for peds & breastfeeding moms), Corticosteroids
  • February – Coronavirus, Ulcerative lesion, Acute gastroenteritis, Quality measures, ABS Champ, and Free CME
  • January – Free CME, Flu update, Ingested foreign bodies on the rise, Influenza & children, NEW ABS Champion Award

2019 Urgent Caring Newsletters

  • December – Free CME, Flu complications, Globe rupture, Vaping illness update, Foreign body removal from ear
  • November – Pregnant women not receiving immunizations, Sphenopalatine for migraine, Bronchiolitis, Free CME
  • October – Influenza, Triple E, Urine dip stick for pH check, Charles Bonnet Syndrome, Spiders, and Free CME
  • September – Lunate dislocation, SPG to treat headaches, Back to school back pain, Influenza update, Free CME
  • August – Listeria strikes again, Vandenbos for Onychocryptosis, Infant growth & feeding, and more Free CME 
  • July – Sunscreen and Dry Drowning myth busting, Tranexamic acid for epistaxis, Vascular inflammatory skin lesion, and Free CME
  • June – Urgent Caring now includes free CME! Ring removal, Measles update, Allergies, Cases from members
  • May – National Urgent Care Awareness month, Abbreviated edition
  • April – Fellows awarded at UCA2019, New member benefits, Ebola, Shingles, and Honey for button batteries 
  • March – Clinical Resources, Influenza, Penicillin allergies, and the Vessel Loop technique for incision and drainage
  • February – Measles outbreak, Party in WPB, Pneumothorax, Fellowship now open to APCs, and a CME announcement
  • January – 2018 wrap-up, New issue numbers, Accute Flaccid Myelitis, Treatment for vomiting, and Foreign body in ear

2018 Urgent Caring Newsletters

  • December – Influenza prep, Baloxavir marboxil (Xofluza), CBD Oil, Tick removalSever’s disease
  • November – Graduate fellowships, Giving Thanks, Ketamine, Hiccups, Q&A
  • October – Goodbye to Fall, Service project and Epiglottis  
  • September – Hat trick, PMR and Q&A
  • August – Culture, Hogweed, and what to carry in your bag
  • July – ATB Stewardship, spork technique, Ganglion cyst
  • June – Change, Angular cheilitis, Neomycin allergy
  • May – Customer service, Disaster preparation and UTI
  • April – Conference, Concussion and Sinusitis
  • March – ATB Stewardships, Concussion, Vasculitis, and Bell’s palsy
  • February – Strategic planning, Influenza drift, and HTN
  • January – CME, Codeine in kids, and Lung abscess