This edition of Urgent Caring lands right on the heels of the 2022 Annual Urgent Care Convention. If you were there you saw great educational content, a lot of new vendors, heard some great music –both classical violin and blues — did some networking and had an all-around good time. The Foundation Celebration and After Party did not disappoint. It was exhilarating to finally do something in person and not on a video screen or podcast!

The College of Urgent Care Medicine (CUCM) also had a lot of exposure. Many UCA members had no idea they were also College members and finally joined in the activities. We got the word out there: If you are a doc, NP, or PA member of UCA, you are ALSO a College member. There was a member meeting, a lunch, and a band. [See insert of Michael Weinstock, MD, CUCM Board Director, with his Big Rockin’ Blues Band, finishing off our CUCM Member Lunch…We really did get the band back together!] It was amazing, by the way.

The educational activities proudly showed double branding with both UCA and CUCM. Behind the scenes, committees met, and the executive board met in person (finally after 2 years!). We had quite a few members recognized as Fellows (FCUCM) for their commitment to the College and Urgent Care. There were even poster presentations with original research.

There was a lot of talk about the future of Urgent Care. Advancing the specialty of Urgent Care Medicine through advocacy, quality improvement, practicing at the highest level and reducing specialty and ER referrals. Health concerns of climate change were also discussed and opened a lot of eyes.

We want to keep the momentum going. For Urgent Care to remain a strong and recognized entity in the health care continuum, we need to band together, focus on what works, eliminate what doesn’t work, and provide quality, up-to-date, evidence-based care all while working at the top of our licenses. This will only happen through hard work, education and teamwork. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Urgent Care is still in its infancy as a specialty in medicine. We need to be that village and band together to make it all it can be for both our professional growth and our patients’ best interests. We can do this by working together as a team.

Don’t know what you can do? Get involved with CUCM. Listen to a webinar, start a thread or comment on the Listserv, join a committee like the Clinical Response Committee or the Advancing the Specialty Committee, contribute a review article, interesting case, or image to Urgent Caring. The point is: We are a team, and we are so much better together. Oh, and if you missed this year’s convention, we will see you next year at Caesar’s Forum in Las Vegas, April 1-5, 2023!

Tracey Davidoff, MD, FCUCM

Cesar Mora Jaramillo, MD, FCUCM